Our farm


In 1918, the Daydé family settled at the bottom of the village of Lautrec on a mixed crop and cattle-breeding farm. Today, nearly a hundred years and a few generations later, the farm called Les Nauzes is still in the hands of the Daydé family .

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Our genetics

About us…

DEPAREE produced a large quantity of embryos ( approximately hundred) among others with HIBERNATUS, LEO, BAZOOKA and RAMO… , to this day the female offspring from these embryos are present are on the farm.

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Our herd

Our Blondes

In 1963, Edmond Daydé bought his first two cows of the Blonde d’Aquitaine breed, Tirette and Tonelle, both registered in the herdbook (breed registry).

In 1970, three other Blondes d’Aquitaine from the Lot and Garonne were bought,

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