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La génétique Blonde au cœur du Tarn


In 1918, the Daydé family settled at the bottom of the village of Lautrec on a mixed crop and cattle-breeding farm. Today, nearly a hundred years and a few generations later, the farm called Les Nauzes is still in the hands of the Daydé family .

1963, Edmond Daydé (father of Daniel Daydé) started breeding with the Blonde d’Aquitaine after many years of less successful results with the Charolaise and Limousine breeds.

For the past 30 years, the Blonde d’Aquitaine has allowed Nicole and Daniel Daydé to continue with genetic improvement in order to increase the performance of their herd as well as the surrounding herds owing to their bulls.

  • 1970: First participation in the departmental and regional competitions
  • 1992: First participation in the “Concours Général Agricole de Paris” (Paris General Agricultural Competition)
  • 2006: Nicolas Daydé (Daniel and Nicole’s son) joins the farm
  • 2015: First place and Male Champion with Gaillard at the Paris International Agricultural Show.
  • Exploitation agricole du Gaec des Nauzes
    Exploitation agricole du Gaec des Nauzes


Daniel, Nicole and Nicolas operate the farm, Les Nauzes, as a GAEC (Farmers’ Economic Interest group). It is a mixed crop-livestock farm and is essentially focussed on the selling and reproduction of Blonde d’Aquitaine beef cattle.

The farm also has 2 hectares of Lautrec Pink Garlic. The garlic is “Label Rouge” (French national quality assurance scheme for food products managed by the Minister of Agriculture) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) certified.


Cull cows: fattened on the farm destined for outlet via a local traditional butchery. On average 35 cull cows per year.

Breeding: 15 to 20 males as well as a number of females are sold for breeding each year in France and abroad.

Weanlings: Approximately 30 weanlings are sold every year by livestock brokers.

Garlic: our entire produce is sold to private wholesalers and retailers.

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