Our herd

En 1963, Edmond Daydé, achète ses deux premières vaches...

Our Blondes

In 1963, Edmond Daydé bought his first two cows of the Blonde d’Aquitaine breed, Tirette and Tonelle, both registered in the herdbook (breed registry).

In 1970, three other Blondes d’Aquitaine from the Lot and Garonne were bought,

 one of them being the grandmother of DEPAREE, an emblematic cow of our stud farm.

To date, the herd consists of about 300 head of cattle, including 130 dams, present on the main area of the farm, as well as 160 hectares of land mainly intended for animal feed.

  • Notre troupeau de Blondes d'Aquitaine
    Notre troupeau de Blondes d'Aquitaine

Production system

Due to our dry weather conditions in summer (40°C) combined with the clay and limestone soil which have a poor resistance to the trampling of the animals we are obliged to practise intensive farming.

Animal feed

Most of the animal feed is produced on the farm: 30 hectares of straw cereals, 20 hectares of grain and silage corn, 40 hectares of lucerne (alfalalfa), 25 hectares of ryegrass, 35 hectares of grass and natural meadows.

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